I go by the name Chef NelSazon and you guessed it, I love to cook. My name is Nel and since I have a lot of flavor, I added Sazón to my name because sazón means seasoning in Spanish. I decided to become a chef when I was 9 years old. My love of cooking came from my love of eating all types of food from different cultures. My cultural background is Dominican, Filipino and Black American. So, naturally I love Spanish cooking, Asian Cuisine and Southern Soul Food. Since I’m a child foodie of Elite Yelper parents my young palate was opened to many different cultures outside of my background and I love learning to cook what I eat. I begged my parents to help me start a YouTube Cooking channel since I was 9, but they were very protective. Well, I set up my own YouTube account and once they realized I was serious they gave in. I initially learned how to cook at home with my parents, then they enrolled me in Summer Culinary Camps. There I learned certain skills and techniques that I am still learning to perfect.

I am currently in Middle School and I’m 13 Years old. I’m on the high/president’s honor roll at school since I usually get straight A’s. I play the trumpet in Band. I love the beach, hanging outdoors, traveling, and my favorite thing to do in life is EAT.

I started this website and my YouTube channel to review and cook foods I love to eat.  Join me on my food journey and I’ll show you how easy and fun cooking can be.